The intoxicating colors of the land will captivate you. The rough flavors of nature will permeate you. The strong odors of the air will diffuse in and around you. The view of the harsh stones will sweeten your sight. The countryside will fill you up, the sea will invigorate you, and the hills will protect you.
I arrive in Savelletri and the smell of the sea, earth, nature, takes over me. There, I find Domenico, a wise custodian of Masseria’s history, who greets me and right away I am lost in the charming and fascinating age-old tales, while alongside the memorable landscapes and colors of my beloved Puglia. I see the house from afar, its appearance rude, stately, rough. And that Outside, I know, will take me to another time, following the rhythm of nature. I cross the stretch of secular olive trees, the most majestic and beautiful in the world. Passing the pool I realise there is music around me, my favorite kind. I grab the house keys and it feels like I have never left. The same smell, the same care, the same feeling of peacefulness, relaxation, wellbeing. Inside I am calm. Instantly I feel at home. My home.
La Residence of Masseria Pettolecchia is your home in the heart of Puglia. 5 suites, all with private entrances, set in over 400 sm. of structure, furnished with care and attention to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, complemented by a beautiful setting: 8 hectares of olive trees as far as the eye can see. Decide on the tastes, the smells, the perfumes. You choose the rhythms; the keys are in your hands.