Castel del Monte, Andria

If you come to Apulia, you can lose yourself into the elegant baroque of Lecce, discover the history of the The Hohenstaufen and the magic of “trulli”, the unique Apulian buildings with the cone-shaped roof. Apulia has always been a place where different people, folk stories and traditions met, each bringing its social and cultural heritage.

With the passing of time, elements coming from abroad became intertwined with those of local communities.

When I come back to Apulia, I lose all sense of time in the small alleyways of transparent white towns, tantalized by cooking fragrances coming from family kitchens and oven burning wood, which permeates and welcomes me. I also love the sea, with its swooshing sound during the winter and relaxing waves in the summer.

All this means to be in Apulia, and to feel like at home.


Trulli, Alberobello

Scavi di Egnazia, Fasano

Polignano a Mare

Sassi, Matera

Grotte, Castellana

Basilica di Santa Croce, Lecce